7 Effective Tips to Get the Most Out of Your Roku Device

In today’s techno digital era, Roku device has become a market favorite for binge-streamers and cord-cutters across the globe, with a desirable price tag, 4K streaming, and furthermore simpler to discover remote than its Apple TV rival.

As a matter of fact, the company’s set-top boxes and HDMI (High-Definition Multimedia Interface) dongles give instant access to all the Hulu, Netflix, Amazon, and HBO content that you could possibly hope to consume ever.

Be that as it may, underneath its dark and-purple sheath lie some additional highlights you probably won’t think about.

Tap into these 7 effective hints to benefit from your Roku device.

Let us initiate with the binge-watching.

Get Notifications When New TV Shows And Movies You Prefer Becomes Available

Well, the first day of the month means payday. Giving salaries to employees, paying mobiles bills, adding new streamable content, going for online shopping, etc.

If you wanna get highlights of all the favorite channels and movies, head towards the main menu – select ‘My Feed’ to browse all the upcoming titles about to choose Roku, and select which titles you’re excited about.

Roku will automatically send you updates with details as soon as new stuff becomes available.

Addition of ‘Secret’ Roku channels

Despite the fact, Roku Channel Store offers its users the biggest channel lineup of streaming service (any). In addition, it has a shitload of “secret” ones also that aren’t listed yet.

If you wanna add them, you’ll either need a code activation for Roku or Roku Link (Roku.com link) to install.

You will see a list of some private channels. After that, you have to:

  • Sign into your Roku account.
  • Click on My Account
  • Select Manage Account
  • Tap on Add a Private Channel
  • Type a channel access code
  • Select Add Channel.

Stream Your Media Files

Turns out you can communicate individual media on your Roku streaming player. A few machines include a USB port where you can connect a capacity drive and play records by means of the Roku Media channel.

Another alternative to stream individual substance is through the Plex channel, which accumulates and sorts out substance from a DLNA server on your nearby system.

To begin, download and agree to accept the application. At that point go to Preferences in the Roku app> Connect Plex record, and access the administration by checking a PIN code.

roku no audio

Spot your Lost Remote with a Smart Roku TV

Burrowing through love seat pads to locate a lost remote feels so 1994, but then none of the significant streamers – including Roku – support a “Find Me” choice for their controller.

That being stated, Amazon’s top-selling TV brand TCL has made its own line of Roku 4K HDTVs (beginning at $599) that have the administration and this executioner highlight incorporated into current models.

You press a catch on the back-right half of the TV to trigger a sound that discharges from the controller, so you can illuminate the missing-remote riddle with a noteworthy/ impressive haste.

Record Live TV

Despite the fact, outside the surface of standard subscription channels, the service has other additional channels as well like TNT on Roku that let you watch, record, and pause live TV from a Roku streaming player.

For any kind of Roku Help have a word with our Roku USA base technicians by simply dialing a toll-free number 1-866-817-4499.

Hiding the Player with a mount

Having a Roku streaming stick grantee the luxury of tucking the Roku device out of sight behind your smart HD TV. Nowadays, all smart Roku devices support Bluetooth over infrared.

You can also hide them without compromising the input commands.

Extend the Storage Capacity for your Favorite Channels

Similar to any iPhone, iPad, streaming boxes exceed the “Not Enough Storage” limit sooner or later, then consider adding a 256GB card. It will automatically expand space for huge application and content.

To get instant Roku help or you wanna fix issues like No volume on Roku, Roku no sound, or Roku no audio, visit Roku.com or interact with us via toll-free number shared above.

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