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Roku.com Link

Roku is the most popular streaming device letting you watch your favorite movies, sports, music, TV series, kids’ shows and a lot more from the internet. All you need to do is just set up and activate your Roku device and enjoy a seamless entertainment experience. For Roku setup, you need to visit roku.com link web address. You can activate the streaming device once you connect it to your Roku account. The process of account creation is pretty simple. Just navigate to roku.com link website using a web browser and fill in form with the necessary information like username, email, password, etc. After that, link the Roku account with your Roku device. Your account stores the information regarding the installed channels, settings and preferences and a lot more. If you need any technical help while linking your account, call our experts at toll-free 1-866-817-4499.

How to get Roku Link Code

In order to link your streaming device with the Roku account, a Roku Link code will be required. Walk through the steps given below to get Roku Link code on your TV screen:

  • Use a cable to make a connection between the TV and Roku player.
  • Turn on the Roku set-top box.
  • Check the LED light to verify if the device is getting proper supply.
  • Make sure the batteries in remote are intact.
  • Press the button on Roku Remote.
  • Select the language you prefer.
  • Connect to a fast network connection.
  • Now, you can see the Roku Link code on your TV screen.
Roku.com link

And that’s it. Carefully note down the activation code. If you get any type of Roku error during the process, contact our expert technicians at 1-866-817-4499.

Activation for Roku through roku.com link

So, you have received the Roku link code. Now, the next step is to activate Roku through roku.com link web address. Start off with the activation for Roku by turning on a PC or laptop and ensuring that fast internet connection is accessible on it. After that, open a web browser of your choice e.g. Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, Internet Explorer, Microsoft Edge or Safari. On the top-right side, write roku.com link and press enter. A new webpage will load asking you to enter Roku Link Code. Type the code in the provided empty box.

roku link

Fill in the email and password and sign in to your Roku account. Add the preferred payment method to buy or rent channels in future. Once done, your device has been activated. Now, you can add your favorite channels on Roku. You can watch TNT on Roku as well.

Roku media player will refresh once the activation process is done. Therefore, wait for a few minutes and it is all set to be used by you. If any step causes a trouble for you, call us at 1-866-817-4499. They will provide you prompt Roku help for all your tech problems.

Roku Help: Roku device is stuck on link code screen

It is necessary to link the Roku account to streaming stick for Roku activation. But sometimes, the activation process doesn’t complete properly and shows errors. The most common error is that Roku device is stuck on link code screen even though you have entered the correct activation code.

To resolve this issue, check all the steps of activation process first and make sure you have followed them in the right order. In case you skipped even a single step, your device will not set up. On the other hand, if the screen shows ‘not connected’ error, connect Roku to the internet. After that, generate a new Roku Link code and use that to activate your streaming device. For any type of technical assistance, get in touch with our proficient experts at 1-866-817-4499.

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