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Roku Error Codes

Basically, Roku error codes arise when you set up the Roku device. But you don’t need to worry as we are here to provide you A to Z guidance to resolve these errors. There are different types of Roku error codes e.g. error code 001, 003, 009, 011 and 014.

During Roku activation process, the code 001 occurs. To fix this issue, press the home button on Roku Remote and update software to the latest version. Ensure to have an uninterrupted internet connection throughout the updation process. In case your device doesn’t update the latest software, error code 003 arises. At times, this error can also occur if the server is not found or network is lost. Turn off Roku and turn it on again but after some time. Once done, try again to update the software. If you still come across the same Roku error codes, contact our experts at toll-free 1-866-817-4499 and get an instant fix to all your issues.

Roku no sound error

When you connect Roku player using HDMI cable, Roku no sound error may appear. This problem may also be found on other devices such as Dish and TV boxes that are connected to TV using HDMI cable. Once you switch from one HDMI port to another, the sound signals get distracted. Roku error code 014 shows the connection issues. Basically, this error code appears if your HDMI cable is not connected properly.

To get rid of Roku no sound error, it is recommended not to switch directly from one HDMI port to another which Roku device has connected to. The proper way to move from HDMI to Roku port is open the non-HDMI port first and after a couple of minutes, shift to the Roku port using your TV remote. Access the list of available HDMI ports and choose the right port for switching.

When you access the Roku device, you have to enter the activation code for each and every channel you

No volume on Roku

want to stream in the same way as you type on roku.com link page for activation. For any technical assistance, call our experts at 1-866-817-4499.

Reasons why you get no volume on Roku

Getting picture or video display but no volume on Roku? Well, it happens because of various reasons. A few of them are given below:

  • The volume level is set to zero.
  • Cable connections are loose.
  • Roku TV’s audio settings are not updated properly.
  • Poor signal strength.
  • Remote batteries are not working.
  • Maybe speakers are damaged.

Check for the aforementioned things carefully and get rid of no volume on Roku error. If the issue still exists, just dial our toll-free number 1-866-817-4499 and talk to our experts. They will guide you step by step to fix the volume issues with Roku.

Fix: Roku no audio

In order to troubleshoot Roku no audio issue, check the volume level of your TV first. If it is mute or zero, raise the volume to an audible level. Check the batteries of your remote.

Roku Error

Remove them from the remote and insert into another device. If that device works well, it means the batteries are perfect. If this is not the case, replace them with the new ones.

Confirm whether Roku no audio error is affecting all channels or not. If it is affecting only a particular channel, it is suggested to view a different content title. Make sure that cable connections are made tightly. View and update your Roku TV’s audio settings as per the requirements. Click on edit button to customize the settings properly. If this doesn’t troubleshoot the issue, go for the software upgrade option.

Once done, you can enjoy your favorite channels like TNT on Roku. But what if Roku no audio error still occurs? Need not to worry. Just get in touch with our team members by calling at 1-866-817-4499. We promise to deliver the best and reliable solutions when it comes to Roku device. Unlike other service providers, we are trustworthy, efficient and prompt.

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